K2 Brands and Products

K2 Base Camp offer a wide range of products from international and local clothing and equipment brands. Read about some of our brands and their products below or see our full list of brands.

Exped sleeping mats and camping equipment 

Whether you are planning a local camping trip or an international hiking trip, we can provide quality Exped products. Since 1997, the Exped Team has designed and built the highest quality, specialized gear for the active, outdoor enthusiast. Such equipment is designed to appeal to everyone from the casual hiker of the Appalachian Trail to the technical climber in the Himalayas. Every user expects their equipment to meet exacting requirements, and at Exped, they build products intended to surpass those expectations! Exped provide compact, lightweight products ranging from tents to sleeping bags and pillows to trekking poles. Exped was the first company to sell waterproof sleeping bags and the geodesic tents (special tents that can be easily and quickly setup by one person alone). For over more than ten years, the Exped team have developed wearable sleeping bags, sleeping mats, tarps and compact backpacks. Exped integrate superb craftsmanship with superior materials,emphasize durability and promote sound environmental practices.

Hiking and Camping Equipment

Sleeping Mats and Pillows

We sell Exped's popular sleeping mat - the AirMat Basic 7.5 M. This sleeping mat is affordable and durable. It is also very light and compact. It even packs down into a small bundle. The AirMat Basic 7.5M Plus version features an integrated pump for quick inflation of the mat. Exped also offer Sim Lite and ComfortFoam warm, self inflating mats. However, the top brand in the Exped sleeping mat range has to be Synmat. The Exped SynMat UL 7 is under 500 grams. It is perfect for long hikes and mountain treks.

To accompany these sleeping mats, the Exped team has developed inflatable and comfortable pillows. The Exped range includes the Air Pillow and the Ultra Lightweight Air Pillow which are easy to inflate and deflate with a specially designed foot pillow pump. For a self inflating pillow, we recommend the Comfort Pillow. This pillow is self inflating and it is filled with recycled foam.

Tents and Tarps

When hiking, lightweight tents and tarps are a necessity for a comfortable night sleep and protection from challenging weather. The Exped team has designed lightweight camping tents for quick installation. We stock Exped camping tents for one to three people. The Vela range of one person tents includes the Vela I, the Vela I Extreme and the Vela I ULIS. All of these zipperless rainfly tents weigh less than two kilograms and they can be setup in under two minutes.

Another range is stock is the Mira tent range. This range includes a spacious Mira one person tent, Mira two person tent and a Mira three person tent. All of these tents can be setup in about two minutes and they all weigh less than three kilogram. For added protection from the sun and rain, we distribute the Exped Arc Tarp and Outer Space Vestibule Extension.

Camping Equipment For All Your Needs

We also distribute Exped hammocks, sleeping bags, ponchos, weatherproof bags, chair kits, pegs, organisers, coupler kit, shrink bags, hiking pole rubber tips and pole protection caps.

Asolo Boots, Hiking Footwear & Climbing Gear

Asolo is a leading range of trekking equipment and climbing gear (including sleeping bags). Asolo’s goal is to create great footwear for all of your outdoor needs, in all conditions, at all altitudes: from light walking to hiking, from backpacking to the most treacherous climbing - whether it be on ice or mixed terrain. 
Asolo footwear is designed around the foot; flexible, lightweight, and at the same time, resistant.  Fit and performance are the company's major strengths.  Their breathable footwear is able to shock-absorb even on the toughest terrains, while keeping away humidity, water, and cold weather. The highly researched soles prevent slips and falls on the most slippery terrains.

Our team offer a wide range of Asolo's superior footwear and hiking boots. Most of these boots are available in size 6.5 to 14.5. Our extensive range of Asolo books include the Asolo TPS 520 GV hiking boots feature Gore-Tex® linings and Vibram® rubber outsoles. The TPS 520 range of Asolo boots are waterproof, breathable boots with very dependable traction. These boots are perfect for hiking and climbing rough terrains.

Another popular range of Asolo boots is Power Matic Backpacking Boots. These boots feature a Power Matic sole and Vibram® rubber outsoles which provide cushioning while trekking across the loose rocks and rough terrains. Moreover, the Power Matic 100 and Power Matic 200 boots feature Asoflex® lasting boards offers additional stability and control as well as Gore-Tex® linings for complete waterproof protection, increase breathability. Gore-Tex® lining and Asoflex® lasting boards are also featured in the Asolo Bullet GTX range.

Icebreaker Clothing - Made from Natural Merino Wool

Icebreaker is the leader in premium merino wool performance clothing. The company uses only pure merino wool from the New Zealand Southern Alps. New Zealand produces the longest, strongest and whitest merino wool in the world. This free-range fibre doesn't itch like traditional wool, isn't clammy like synthetics and isn't stinky like cotton. What's not to love? Lightweight merino buffers your body against extremes of hot and gold, breathes to prevent clamminess, resists odour for weeks and protects against sun and fire. Icebreaker garments can be worn solo or layered with other Icebreaker pure merino pieces to create a fine, breathable system that moves effortlessly between the mountains and the city, or wherever your travels lead you. Icebreaker collections for men and women include Outdoor (active base and insulation layers), Alpine (specialist ski sweaters), Journeys (travel), Nature & Beast (premium underwear), Kids, Socks and Accessories. Here at K2 we carry an extensive range of Icebreaker clothing.

One of the most popular pieces of Icebreaker Clothing range is the men's and women's LS Crewe. The Icebreaker LS Crewe is made from 100% Merino Wool and it is lightweight, soft and odour resistant. This top is perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle. It is great for hiking, travelling and sports. Another popular item is the Original LS Half Zip (which was part of the first Ice Breaker collection in 1995). This garment is also made from 100% Merino wool so it is odour resistant and breathable. Both the LS Crewe and the LS Half Zip are comfortable and practical for outdoor exploring.

Another essential item for explorers is an Icebreaker jackets. We sell windproof and water repellent jackets for men and women made with 100% Merino Wool lining. Our range includes the lightweight women's 3/4 jacket, women's gust jacket and men's stealth jacket. Browse our extensive range of Icebreaker clothing here.

PrAna Clothing - Yoga, Climbing, Hiking and Casual Wear

PrAna specialises in clothing for yoga, climbing and hiking. Since 1992, PrAna have create comfortable practical clothing which are suitable for every day wear around the home through to outdoor activities and exercising. PrAna clothing is also a socially responsible company supporting various charities and organisations that encourage sustainability and fair trade. The PrAna clothing range incorporates men's and women's pants, shorts, dresses, jackets, hoodies, tops, leggings, caps, beanies and t-shirts.

We sell many PrAna clothes made from cotton. The PrAna Hanna Top and the Lotus Top are made from 50% Cotton and 50% polyester and they are comfortable in every season. These colourful long sleeve shirts can be worn by female nature lovers and yoga enthusiasts alike.

The most popular PrAna hiking and climbing pants for men are Stretch Zion Pants and Bronson Pants. PrAna Bronson Pants are made from 98% cotton and Stretch Zion Pants is made with a quick dry nylon fabric. Both of these pants are DWR (durable water resistant) pants. They also feature several pockets for convenience and are available in a many different colours. Our PrAna clothing range also includes stretchable Descent Pants and Stretch Zion Pant Convertibles. We also sell quick dry Stretch Zion Shorts and durable Bronson Shorts made with a similar design. In addition to these shorts, we sell lightweight Flex Shorts and Mojo Shorts perfect for climbing, hiking, yoga and various outdoor activities.

We stock PrAna beanies made from either 100% wool or 100% acrylic yarn. We offer fitted and standard beanies for use by men and women during winter. Our beanies are designed for winter protection to keep your head warm on colder days of the year. A unique beanie in the PrAna range is the Brett Visor Beanie. This visor beanie is very practical for hiking, training and travelling on a sunny day with subzero temperatures. In addition to beans for cold weather, we distribute PrAna scarfs made from 100% cotton.

PrAna also manufacturer chalk bag for all climbers. We sell essential PrAna chalk bags which feature fleece chalk compartment, an elastic brush holder and a chalk bag belt. These chalk bags come in blue, pink, yellow, orange, black or green. We have chalk bags to suit your budget. If you are a climbing enthusiast, invest in a Limited Edition Chalk Bag signed by Steph Davis (a well known American rock climber and BASE jumper).

For sustainable and practical active clothing, choose from the PrAna clothing range in store or online.

La Sportiva Climbing Equipment

La Sportiva have been creating innovative footwear for over eighty years. This socially responsible business continues to operate in Dolomites Mountain Range and provide work for many families. For the last eight decades, La Sportiva have got the right hiking and climbing shoes offering the ultimate solution for comfortable and practical shoes. The La Sportiva Climbing range features lightweight composite hiking boots such as the Typhoon GT, Nepal Evo and the Nepal Evo GTX. These hiking boots have been designed with Gore-Tex® linings and strong, high-traction Vibram® IBS (Impact Brake System). These features ensure that your feet will stay dry and have reliable traction. We also distribute La Sportiva Nepal Extreme super comfortable climbing boots featuring Vibram® IBS soles and 3mm water-repellent Idro-Perwanger® leather as well as Thermal Synergy lining. La Sportiva Olympus Mons boots are super lightweight boots with PE thermal insulating, Cordura® upper lining and Vibram® PE soles.

We also offer a wide range of La Sportive climbing shoes and running shoes. La Sportiva have design the unique Katana running shoes with Lorica and Suede material. These shoes have stretchable Pacific synthetic fiber lining at the front and the back. This lace running shoe features 4 mm Vibram® XS Edge soles - the best rubber soles for technical edging. La Sportiva have designed a Katana Laces Chalk Bag with a similar design to Katana racing shoes.

We also stock La Sportiva Cobra and Mythos rock shoes offering the excellent performance and great comfort for the entire journey. These shoes are manufactured with suede leather and a unique lacing system. These lace rock shoes have been created with Vibram® XS soles - the stickiest and strongest rubber soles on the market. The La Sport climbing range continues with Eco 2.0 GT, Tarantulace, Boulder X and Lynx shoes. Whether you require shoes for hikes, backpacking adventures or a daily run, you can find a suitable La Sportiva climbing product.

Outdoor Research Clothing

Outdoor Research Clothing is a reputable brand which has been around for more than thirty years. This brand specialises in clothing for all adventurers, in particularly hikers and climbers. Outdoor Research clothing has won various awards since it started in 1981. We distribute the best Outdoor Research clothing ranging for headwear to footwear. We sell Outdoor Research tees, gloves, balaclavas, sombreros, jackets, hoodies, boots, BugOut Gaiters, pants, bivvies, caps, face masks, beanies, gloves, shorts and hats.

The Outdoor Research clothing range specialises in clothing for cooler climates (such as gloves, beanies, jackets and so forth). The best selling Outdoor Research gloves are flexible Areta gloves. These gloves feature light 100-weight fleece insulation and they will keeps hands warm in intense conditions. The gloves have also been designed with breathable Gore-Tex® linings for complete waterproof protection as well as SuperCinch™ gauntlet closure, Primaloft™ insulation and FlexAction™ wrist articulation.

Outdoor Research clothing has been awarded with various awards over the years. One of these award winning products is the Seattle Sombrero. This Sombrero won the Backpacker Magazine's Editor's Choice Gold Award in 2005. It is a waterproof rain sombrero designed with a waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX® membrane. This sombrero it also has a removable chin cord and an Internal Cinch-Band™ Adjustment. It is excellent for wet weather. Outdoor Research clothing has also designed jackets for wet locations.

Outdoor Research has waterproof jackets with fully seam taped. The most popular has to be the 2012 Gear of the Year award winning Axiom jacket which features famous breathable GORE-TEX® Active shell technology for the ultimate waterproof protection. GORE-TEX® technology is also feature in the design of Furio jackets, Enigma jacket and Aspire jackets. These three jackets as well as Palisade jackets and Rampart jackets have been made with TorsoFlo™. This unique design features offers superior ventilation for temperature regulation in various weather conditions. Furthermore, we also sell Mithril jackets and Mithrilite jackets featuring Ventia Dry™ technology.

Outdoor Research award winning Crocodiles are perfect for inclement weather conditions. They feature waterproof and breathable triple layer GORE-TEX® fabric leg sections as well as Cordura® high-performance fabric resistant boot sections. These hiking boots won the Backpacker® Magazine's 1999 Editors' Choice Gold Award. Our team can also supply boot gaiters for an extra layer of lightweight waterproof protection or for keeping bugs out of you shoes or legs. Browse the extensive range of Outdoor Research clothing for boots, jackets, hats, gloves and other winter clothing.

Check out the gear in use with Kyle Dempster on his trip on a used mountain bike in Kyrgyzstan at THE ROAD FROM KARAKOL TRAILER

DMM Climbing Equipment

DMM has been manufacturing premium quality climbing equipment in Wales since 1981. From the very outset the company has developed products in two main areas; Recreational Climbing and Mountaineering has developed alongside products aimed more at the more Industrial markets. Both areas compliment each other and the areas of overlap benefit both sides. In short both sides of the business are important to sustain DMM in the future.

Innovation is key to the company's development, and they have continually invested not just in the fabric of the Factory, in plant, machinery, tooling etc but also in ambitious product development plans which can be very costly (DMM Factory Tour [VID]). However they recognise that it’s not sufficient to stand still and copy, they need to lead the field in DMM's specialist areas and over the years the company has done just that and all from their base here in North Wales. They have a well trained and loyal workforce and have amassed a wealth of knowledge over the years which stands DMM in good stead as one of the leading Brands in worldwide area of climbing.

At K2 we have an extensive range of DMM gear and the staff knowledge to sort you out..