B/ham FrictinSaver 3Ft Steel ring


$ 164.95



FrictinSaver 3Ft Steel ring


Arbormaster® friction Savers Benefits Include: • Installation and retrieval from the ground • Less bend radius • Less friction - easier to climb • Reduced wear to rope • Can be used as false crotch • Rated for human support only • Available in steel and hard coat anodized aluminum


Installation Methods Friction Savers:

• Using throw line, place throw bag over a solid branch

• With throw bag on the ground, tie throw bag on the outside of the small ring on the friction saver

• Insert the other end of throw line into the large ring

• Using the throw line inserted through the large ring, proceed to pull until the throw bag just reaches the branch

• Giving a quick tug, pull the throw bag over branch and let it drop to the ground

• With the friction saver now over the branch, tie the climbing line onto one end of the throw line and pull through the rings