Big Air Pad (Taco)


$ 279.00



Big Air Pad (Taco)


Burly and bold the Big Air’s a fantastic choice as your main pad, it's WC's biggest pad built for the biggest impacts.


Thoughtfully designed the folding ‘taco’ styling gives the greatest level of protection with no breaks in the foam, it keeps the ‘clean’ side is next to you when carrying and there’s plenty of room inside the fold to schlep your gear or even another pad.
Add to this top grade cover materials, the pad joining system and a strong and simple carry system and there’s a reassuring sense of continuing quality to this renowned unit!
The Big Air is also designed to be compatable with it's little brother the Touchdown: either by using the 'Pad Joining System' to make a bigger landing pad or by being able to place the Touchdown inside it for carrying to the crag -  both great reasons for you and your buddies to get Wild Country'd up!!


20mm/80mm foam mix with top sheet of 55 kg/m closed cell cross linked polyethylene for an even load distribution and base sheet of 28 kg/m open cell foam offering excellent shock absorption and longevity, Rounded corners to reduce wear points, Carry clean side to you, Unbreakable metal buckles throughout, Pad joining system, Padded removable rucsack harness.
Size: 130cm x 100cm x 10cm
Weight: 5.4 kg, 190 oz


100cm x 130cm x 10cm

5.4kg / 190oz