Ice Screws & Snow Stakes


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Revolution Ice Screw


Speed of placement is the key to a modern ice screw. The screw needs to make that initial, crucial bite into the ice, then it needs to wind in quickly and smoothly.

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Screw Wrap

Outdoor Research

Save your gear from sharp ice screws with the Outdoor Research Screw Wrap!

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Tool to remove the ice core frozen inside ice screws.

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Express Ice Screw

Black Diamond

Get fast, solid ice protection with the Black Diamond Express Ice Screws

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360 Degree Ice Screw


 In situations where safety depends on speedy screw placement (crevasse rescue or steep ice) the 360’s sharp bite and easy starting are quite reassuring.

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Caritool Tool Carrier


Mounts to the harness via waistbelt slots or straps, the CARITOOL tool holder allows one-handed access, organization and sorting of tools.

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Espresso ice screw carrier x 2


Soft rubber ice screw carrier. Protects not just the screw but also the alpinist’s clothing.

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Black Hole ice screw end pro x 5


Protect the ends of your ice screws, and stop the screws from damaging other equipment and clothing

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Pan Pipe ice screw organizer


Multiple ice screw carrier. Can be worn round the waist or over the shoulder. Ideal also for storing screws in rucksack. 

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Probe carbon fibre


Rescue probe for locating people that have been caught in an avalache

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