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Pole Strap

Approved pole strap is available in length 2.3m.

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Mini Haul Kit

Ferno Mini Haul Kit

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Hi-safe Tie-off Sling with D-rings

Webbing Softgoods

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Heavy Duty Rope Bag

Ferno Rope Bag

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Flat Industrial Rope Protector

Vertical By Ferno

Heavy duty Flat rope protector ideal for use in rope access and industrial or comercial applications where the rope will be prone to heavy wear.

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Rope Protector Light Duty

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Pear Shaped Steel


Ideal in situations where a three-way load is exerted. Also used for climbing rope, anchors and harness-to-chest harness connectors.

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Prussick Stirrups - Adjustable


A great aid for rope climbing, the adjustable Prusik Stirrups minimise the effort expended when climbing or positioning while on rope.

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