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Arthur's Pass Guidebook


The Mountain ranges of Arthur's Pass National Park are the most accessible in New Zealand, being located aside the main road/rail corridor traversing the Southern Alps between Christchurch and the West Coast.

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HTRC - Big Walls

John Long & John Middendorf

A competent and up-to-date instruction book of techniques needed for climbing big aid routes.

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The Walkers Haute Route


The Alps offer almost unlimited adventure, and the Walker's Haute Route is probably the best way of getting deep into these spectacular mountains.

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Grampians Selected Climbs (Revised)

by Simon Mentz & Glenn Tempest

A selected climbs guide to rockclimbing in the Grampians National Park.

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Avalanche Awareness NZ Back Country


New Zealand’s go-to avalanche awareness handbook reflects the best in current avalanche knowledge, applied to New Zealand’s unique mountain environment.

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Blue Mountains Climbing (2015)

by Simon Carter

This is the NEW 2015 edition comprehensive Blue Mountains Climbing guidebook.This book is every climber’s essential companion to one of Australia’s most popular climbing areas.

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Thin Air

The Mountaineers Books

Above an eerie realm of endless snow covered spires . . . Each step appears increasingly impossible. Disorientation and fatigue make the climber's head swim and the body threaten to collapse.

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Grampians Bouldering

David Pearson & Chris Webb Parsons 

This colourful softcover guide describes over 600 problems across 20 of the best bouldering locations within the park.

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The Mt. Aspiring Region


It is one hundred years since Mount Aspiring was first climbed, and mountaineers continue to find new adventures throughout this section of the Southern Alps.

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Call Of The Ice

The Mountaineers Books

The Call of the Ice was written during Moro’s dramatic winter attempt on Nanga Parbat in 2012—his twelfth attempt on that mountain—during weather delays and other breaks in the climb.

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Trad Climbers Bible

Falcon Guides

Traditional, or simply, " trad climbing," is a do-it-yourself adventure requiring the climbing team to negotiate the climb and to carry, hand-place and remove most if not all components of the roped safety system.

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How To Climb Self Rescue

Falcon Guides

Whether you need to assist your partner past a difficult section of a climb or rappel down a multipitch route with an injured climber, you owe it to yourself and your fellow climbers to be prepared.

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The Darran Mountains


This guide, the first new edition in 16 years, maps out the paths of climbers as they have tackled the ridges and faces in this isolated area.

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Falcon Guides

A Guide to Techniques for Wet and Dry Canyons

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Trekking In Everest Region 5th Ed

by Jamie McGuiness

The fully revised fifth edition of this practical guide with 27 detailed route maps, 52 village plans and trail descriptions covers not only the classic treks but also the wild routes.

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How To Slackline

Falcon Guides

Originating in the climbing world, slacklining is the act of balancing along a narrow, flexible piece of webbing that has been anchored between two stable objects. How to Slackline!

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Over The Edge

The Mountaineers Books

The True Story of the Kidnap and Escape of Four Climbers in Central Asia

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Climb Tasmania

By Gerry Narkowicz

Many a wilderness climbing experience can be had within a 2hr car trip from the main centers.

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World Climb Images From The Edge

Simon Carter

An extraordinary photographic odyssey that is as inspirational as it is beautiful.

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Knots For Climbers

Falcon Guides

This completely revised and updated edition of Craig Luebben's slender bestseller teaches the reader the Twelve Essential Climbing Knots, and then presents eighteen others for various special situations.

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Patagonia Vertical:CM Climbing Guide

Rolando Garibotti & Dörte Pietron

A detailed guidebook to the dramatic Chaltén Massif in Southern Patagonia, Argentina. Written by Patagonia ambassador Rolando Garibotti and climbing expert Dörte Pietron

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Climbing From Gym To Crag

The Mountaineers Books

Getting strong and learning to climb hard routes in the gym doesn't prepare you for climbing outdoors where anything can happen.

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Make Or Break. Don't Let Climbing....

by Dave MacLeod 

As Wolfgang Gullich said, “getting strong is easy, getting strong without getting injured is hard”. Sooner or later, nearly all climbers get injured and it will be injuries that ultimately dictate how far you get in climbing, if you let them.

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Postcards From The Ledge

The Mountaineers Books

Reflections and humorous pieces, plus insights into some of mountaineering's more controversial events + Revealing portraits of other Himalayan climbers

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Climbing The Seven Summits

The Mountaineers Books

A Comprehensive Guide to the Continents' Highest Peaks

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Mixed Climbing

Falcon Guides

Mixed Climbing is the complete manual for learning the newest techniques in the most rapidly evolving type of climbing today.

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Rock Climbing Down Under

by Simon Carter

A hard-cover coffee-table book featuring 350 images of 200 climbers by photographer, Simon Carter. The result of over 20 years work, this is an exciting photographic journey to 21 of Australia’s climbing destinations.

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Espresso Lessons

Warroirs Way

Mental fitness training is simply improving your ability to keep attention in the moment.

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Mountain Hero's

Huw Lewis-Jones

Through the lives of legendary climbers and mountaineers, "Mountain Heroes" presents an epic account of endurance, enterprise, heroism and fellowship in the wildest of places.

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Life On The Edge

by Jim Whittaker

Special anniversary edition to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first American ascent of Mount Everest

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South East Queensland Climbing

by Lee Cujes

This is a new guidebook for rock climbing in South East Queensland. There is a wealth of fantastic climbing in the area...

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Frog Buttress Climbing

by Matt Hutton & Simon Carter

Renowned for the quality of its crack climbing, Frog Buttress in Queensland is one of Australia’s most significant climbing areas and a popular winter climbing destination.

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MountaineeringFreedom Of The Hills

The Mountaineers Books

With more than 600,000 copies sold, Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills is the acclaimed bible for climbers all over the world, and the new edition marks the 50th anniversary of this seminal title.

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Altitude illness

by Stephen Bezruchka, M.D.

This edition of Altitude Illnessprovides the latest information on prevention and treatment of altitude illness

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HTRC - Sport Climbing

A Falcon Guide

This guide is the perfect sourcebook to improve your ability to crimp, crank, and power your way up today's best bolted routes.

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Gimme Kraft!

by Patrick Matros & Dicki Korb

Gimme Kraft! contains many new power exercises for climbing utilising the campusboard, slingtrainer, rings, parallettes, the wall and your body.

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Aoraki/Mt. Cook Guidebook


The Aoraki Mount Cook district is the centre of New Zealand mountaineering containing the country's highest peaks and largest glaciers.

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Better Bouldering

Falcon Guides

This thoroughly revised and updated new edition of "Better Bouldering" presents all the techniques and tricks gleaned from the thirty-year bouldering career of John Sherman, America's most noted and notorious bouldering guru.

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The Living Rock

by Michael Meadows 

This book is the first comprehensive account of the origins of rockclimbing in Australia. It also focuses on the history of postwar climbing in Queensland

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Grampians Climbing

Onsight Photography

Authored by Neil Monteith, this is an entirely new guidebook to this premier Australian climbing area located in western Victoria. The book covers 53 crags including 25 crags which have not been previously published.

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