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Jay 2 Harness


The Jay is the perfect all-rounder with adjustable leg loops for all types of climbing.

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Zack Harness


Comfortable and fully adjustable, the Edelrid Zack Climbing Harness is a great all-around harness for gym climbing, cragging and alpine adventures.

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Renegade 2


This really is the ultimate all rounder; a clever design that works across the full range of climbing disciplines: from cragging and winter climbing to big alpine routes.

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Wing Harness


Comfortable alpine harness with adjustable leg loops and laminated harness construction.

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Cyrus Harness


Probably the most comfortable harness money can buy, with 3D-Vent Technology for unparalleled wear comfort. Whether sport routes or longer alpine climbs, the Cyrus is suitable for all conditions.

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Core Plus Triple Lock


The fully equipped version (EN 361) of the Core system: Core harness combined with the Core Top chest harness. Available with Easy Glider or Triple Lock buckles on the leg loops depending on personal preference.

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FL365 Harness


FL: Fast and Light. Compact, comfortable, streamlined men’s fixed leg harness versatile enough for sport, trad, alpine, mixed and ice climbing

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Vertic Triple Lock


The Vertic Triple Lock is a fully-equipped body harness, work-positioning harness and sit harness with a multitude of innovative and detailed solutions.

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AR395a Harness


AR: All Around. Extremely versatile adjustable leg harness that excels for sport, trad, alpine, mixed or ice climbing.

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Falcon Mountain Harness


Lightweight seat harness for rescue.

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Spectrum Harness

Rock Empire

Lightweight, extremely comfortable, versatile sit harness SPECTRUM is suitable for work positioning and everywhere where there is no risk of twisting during a fall. Due its lightness and convenience, this harness is used in both integrated rescues and sport climbing.

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Corax Harness


Comfortable fully adjustable 4 buckle harness suitable for men and women

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Skill LITE Adventure

Rock Empire

The full body harness, Skill LITE ADVENTURE is suitable for adventure parks, rope courses and working at heights.

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Calidris Harness


Super comfortable highly adjustable harness for extended periods of hanging.

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Atmosphere Harness


A lightweight, performance harness with 3D-Vent Technology for unparalleled fit, comfort and minimum weight.

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Sama Harness


Comfortable climbing harness with elastic leg loops

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Duke II Harness


A very comfortable, fully adjustable all-round harness for long days, multi-pitch routes and big walls.

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Speedy Harness

Rock Empire

Non-padded harness suitable for via ferrata and indoor climbing.

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Leaf Harness


Lightweight alpine harness with minimal pack size for top performances at the crag

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Summit Harness

Wild Country

The new four buckle Summit is a multi tasking monster built to chase big goals, where adjustability, capacity and integrity are the watchwords.

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Momentum (S15)

Black Diamond

Black Diamonds most popular choice for all-around use, the Momentum Harness features four gear loops, trakFIT-adjustable leg loops and an ultra-comfortable waistbelt.

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Brenin Harness


Ideal for use in outdoor centres, schools etc.

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