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Summit AS


Complete with Cor-Tec Cork grips that go easy on your hands, the Summit Antishock poles boast carbide flextips to absorb shock and increase longevity.

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WanderFreund AS (single)


The ergonomic, absolutely edgeless outer shape and wide gripping surfaces provide secure hold and maximum comfort. The innovative hollow grip technology ensures maximum lightness. The soft damping provided by the Wanderfreund Antishock keeps your joints in good shape.

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Aergon Cortec Grip W/Strap


Aergon Cortec Grip W/Strap - 18mm

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Carbon Titanium AS


With the Carbon Titanium AS, you'll feel like a professional and be certain that you have an absolutely reliable partner for your mountain tour

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Flextip Trek Thread


Flexible carbide tip for trekking poles.

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Power Plus DLX

Power Plus

Well priced, great featured walking pole. Foam handle with antishock!

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Distance Carbon Z

Black Diamond

Black Diamond’s Distance Carbon Z is ideal for the fastpacking adventurers of the world who go far, fast. With 100% carbon construction, the Carbon Z weighs a paltry 9 ounces!

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Contour Elliptic Shock (Pair)

Black Diamond

The Contour Elliptic Trekking Poles are able to cope with any trail surface you're likely to face. Antishock!

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Trekking Poles Lite


Exped's lightweight touring pole weighs less than to two packs of chocolate. Thes poles make ascending twice as easy and the summit lunch break twice as seet.

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Rubber Walking Tip(pair)


Rubber tips for walking poles. For use on paved trails or where the tips could cause damage

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Trekking Poles Mini


The Exped Mini 115 folding pole is perfect for situations when compact packed size and low weight are key.

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Distance Carbon FLZ

Black Diamond

Combining an ultralight carbon construction with our Z-Pole technology and FlickLock® Pro, the Distance Carbon FL is a versatile, highly adjustable pole for weight-conscious mountain adventures.

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Alpine FLZ

Black Diamond

No stranger to crossover, the Black Diamond Alpine FLZ is just as at home on a summer jaunt far from the trailhead as on a winter tour deep in the backcountry.

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Cristallo SL AS


The Cristallo Antishock has the intelligent overall design of an excellent all-round pole. That's what makes it light, thin, stable but still extremely comfortable.

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Dolomiti GT Calu Pair


Realized for an expert and enthusiastic hiker, that's a pole from the high potentiality.

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Micro Vario Carbon


Enjoy an entertaining sporty and stylish trekking time with the Micro-Vario Carbon. The push-button release mechanism allows for quick, easy assembly and disassembly of folding poles.

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Scout Tour pair


Scout models are an evergreen in the Masters' Summer collection, but in the SS16 these poles have the best balance between technical features and price and for this reason is a great product for a recreational use.

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Photosystem Alu SL


The trekking pole with integrated camera adapter is a must-have monopod for all outdoor photographers and film-makers. Simply remove the Aergon photo-grip head and attach the camera to the standard thread using the adjusting wheel.

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