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Beal Rope Cleaner


Non-aggressive detergent developed to clean ropes and Harnesses easily. Will not damage polyamide – water temperature < 30°C.

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Rescue Scissors


No this is not a rose cutter but a rescue cutter for emergencies in Rope parks when nothing else can be done, after the rescue rope has been attached the lanyard Y fix can be cut.

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Super Chute Rope Bag

Black Diamond

Durable, easy-packing storage for your cord, the Super Chute features and innovative funnel-shaped tarp and barrel compression straps that accommodate up to an 80-meter rope.

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Rope Marker


Rope Marker from Beal is a marker pen which has a water and abrasion resistant ink so you can mark the centre or any other part of your rope.

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Wild Country RopeBag

Wild Country
Sometimes it's hard to re-invent the wheel so the Wild Country rope bag doesn't try but it does make a neat job of a classic design.

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Protector III


Protection sleeve made of hard-wearing tarpaulin. Thanks to the Velcro fastener it can also be fitted subsequently.

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Flat Industrial Rope Protector

Vertical By Ferno

Heavy duty Flat rope protector ideal for use in rope access and industrial or comercial applications where the rope will be prone to heavy wear.

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Aid Climber


Adjustable foot loop ascender for ascending fixed ropes.

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Rope Protector Light Duty

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Engle Hot Knife


Hand-operated heat cutting tool to cut and seal the edges of synthetic material to prevent fraying and unraveling.

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Dobi Rope Washer


Rope washing the easy way

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Engle Tip


This is a good general use blade for synthetic fabrics, webbing and ropes up to 17mm diameter.

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Beta Stick Sport Compact

Beta Stick

The Compact Beta Stick is the shortest and most compact of all the telescopic Beta Sticks.

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6mm Chest Purcell 20inch Loop


The 6mm sewn cord products have become very popular as they eliminate bulky knots and save time in the field.

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Slackline Industries

This versatile 2-inch style slackline designed as an easy-to-use kit with slackline specific webbing appeals to all levels of users. The thick weave makes it ideal for walking or getting started with tricks.

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SafetyPro 11mm Flipline 10i SE


Designed with rigors of tree work in mind, the Tech11 is an 11mm rope constructed with an aramid sheath and nylon core.

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Rope Tarp Plus with Pocket


Rope Tarp with Pocket

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