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Baseline Slackline


From the crag to the park, a slackline is the perfect accompaniment to any day of fun!  Slacklining is a fantastic and fun activity to share with friends and family and a great way to improve balance and core strenth.

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Slackline Industries

Initially created for the pros and surf training, this 100-foot, trampoline-style line has become a favorite of slackliners at all levels. The longer length is ideal for large trees, water lines, tricks or challenging walks.

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Slackline Industries

This versatile 2-inch style slackline designed as an easy-to-use kit with slackline specific webbing appeals to all levels of users. The thick weave makes it ideal for walking or getting started with tricks.

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Slackline Industries

The next generation of 2-inch slacklines, the Trick Line is made of trampoline material offering a dynamic surface for more bounce.

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