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Overhang UL(Nylon) Tarp

Wilderness Equipment 

Engineered tarps for the fast and light. This ultra-light range of Overhangs uses 30 denier high-tenacity nylon 66 fabric with a silicone elastomer coating on BOTH sides.

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Overhang STD(Poly) Tarp

Wilderness Equipment

Engineered tarps for shelter in every season. This economy range of Overhangs uses our regular 75 denier, waterproof, polyester tent fabric. The tensile design engineering and construction quality incorporated in all our Overhangs are world leading.

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I Overhang

Wilderness Equipment 

A large, economical 'Institutional' Overhangs for outdoor ed and group use are available in Large and Extra-Large size (XL is a huge 4.5m x 4.5m).

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Available in II, III and IV.

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Double wide Hex Fly


PU-coated polyester ripstop rainfly works with all Hennessy Hammock models providing generous protection from wind and rain.

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