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Calpine Chair

Alite Designs 

Sit up high to soak up all the sunset goodness and campfire glow. With a seat height of 38cm, this is the tallest Alite chair design, and the upright seating position is made to elevate your outdoor adventures.

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SilNet Tube

Gear Aid

Seal Silnylon tent seams and stay dry

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Picnic Mat is waterproof, warm and super lightweight!

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Gear Aid

Make sure your tent stays dry and cozy

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Mosquito Net Single Treated

Sea to Summit

Ideal for travellers, backpackers and outback camping, this Mozzie net is light, compact and is essential for travel in areas where mosquito borne disease is a risk.

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Gear Aid Tent Repair Kit

Gear Aid

The Tent Repair Kit by Gear Aid™ is a lightweight repair kit designed to fix rips, repair broken tent poles and busted zippers, eliminate odors and stop leaks.

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Tear Aid Patch Pack


TEAR-AIDs unique airtight and watertight elastic composition stretches and recovers absorbing the force that causes ordinary repair products to be torn off.

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EX4 AntiMosquito

Life Systems

EX4 Anti-Mosquito clothing treatment provides long-lasting and durable protection for use on textiles e.g. on clothing, tents, sun shelters or rucksacks.

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Tent Repair Kit


Everything you need for quick emergency repairs to your tent.

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4Midable Bathtub Floor

One Planet 

Tub floor for 4Midable Tent. 100 denier bathtub floor cut to take up half the tent leaving the other half for gear or your dog. 

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Screen Patches


Ideal repair for nylon, metal or fiberglass screens. Easy to use pressure sensitive patch.

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4Midable Pole Strap for Walking Poles

One Planet

4Midable Pole Strap for Walking Poles(to make your 4Midable tent even lighter!).

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2.75mm Glo Cord ZIPS


ZIPS! are the ideal accessory for anything with a zipper!

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Mantis Chair 2.0

Alite Designs

The Mantis Chair is much easier to carry than most heavy, bulky, outdoor chairs, and just as easy to setup.

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Helicoidal Tent Peg



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Mayfly Chair 2.0

Alite Designs 

The Mayfly Chair is a three-legged, convertible seat that combines the rockability of the Monarch with the stability of the Mantis.

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Snow and Sand Peg


The length of the peg allows exceptional hold in soft ground. The aluminium pegs have the added feature of holes along the spine designed to give a firmer hold.

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Figure 9

Nite Ize

If you've ever had problems with losing tension in your rope while tying a knot, or wasted time untying a difficult knot, here's your hassle-free solution. 

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High Tensile Aluminium Skewer


A traditional 'hook top' round wire skewer made from high tensile aluminium  

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V Pegs Singles


Super strong and wide V profile peg for all ground conditions. With center groove for guylines when buried as tent anchor, can be hammered into hard ground.

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Round Tent Peg


Rounded replacement tent peg

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Micro Single Mosquito Net

Life Systems

The MicroNet is one of the most versatile mosquito nets available. Using the unique integrated ‘QuickHang System’ the MicroNet can be positioned and hung in a matter of seconds. 

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Snow & Sand Tent Anchor


Gives a secure anchor, even in the softest ground.

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V Pegs


Super light and slim V profile peg ¦ Super strong and wide V profile peg.

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SnakeSkins XL are an instant stuff sack system that collapse your Hennessy Hammock in about 30 seconds

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Gear Loft


New light Gear Loft for tent canopies.

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Cord Stuffsack


The battle with tangled tent lines has finally been won: an ingenious stuff sack just for cords offers quick storage but leaves them ready to use the next time without tangles.

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Tension Lock Mini (set of 8)


Virtually eliminates the need for knots to help maintain the tension of your tent.

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Venus III Pole Set


Venus III Pole Set, should you ever need to replace them due to loss or damage.

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Seam Grip

Gear Aid

An award-winning repair adhesive.

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