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P3 Torch

LED Lenser

Compact, water resistant LED torch with a beam distance of up to 31 meters (16 Lumens)

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P5.2 Torch

LED Lenser

P5.2 is small, lightweight,bright(140 Lumens)an energy-saving marvel and at the same time a giant of brightness. It is operated with only one Mignon (AA) battery.

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P7.2 Torch


Want a bright handheld light?? This is it! 320 Lumens that can power up to 260 meters!

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Luna LED Light

Goal Zero

Switch on the Goal Zero Luna LED light to illuminate anything from a keyboard to a tent. Its low power draw makes it a long-lasting light solution.

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Firefly USB Light

Goal Zero

Bendable to any angle, the Goal Zero Firefly USB light illuminates your tent in the backcountry or your workspace at home, utilizing any USB power source.

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Flash USB Torch

Goal Zero
A compact yet powerful 90 lumen USB torch

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Spotlight Ultimate Torch


Focus control LED light for work, play & everyday use. No batteries to replace or buy!

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