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2000 Series (Hangboard) Advanced


Want to get strong?  This is the board for you.  It looses the jugs on the 1000, and you get 45deg slopers, mono's and heinous 2 finger sloping pockets.  NOT for beginners

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Moon Fingerboard


Voted "Editors Choice" in the US magazine Climbing, and "The dog's bollocks" by

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Mondo Plus Hangboard


20 Different grips designed specifically for improving your strength means there is no limit to what you can train.

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Phat Boy Fingerboard


A versatile fingerboard for climbers of all levels.

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Rock Rings


An innovative, portable training device. Comes with two independent unit - each with flexible single point suspension, which allows for the rotation of your joints, thus reducing the risk of injury.

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ICP Micro 2


Intended to spice up your in-house climbing and keep your fingers strong, the Micro 2 will keep you entertained for hours. 

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1000 Series (Hangboard) Beginner


The great allrounder, not too much going on, but plenty to test your self and progress.  The better choice if your just starting out.

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