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Neutrino Rack Pack

Black Diamond

A sextet of color-coded Black Diamond Neutrinos for racking cams. The nimble Neutrino is the ideal carabiner solution when all-purpose fast, light and strong is right

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Vault Wiregate


DMM have applied their metalworking experience to a product traditionally made of plastic which has enabled them to maximise torsional rigidity and security, and also provide a locking option that minimises the chances of accidental gate opening, keeping your equipment safely in place.

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Phantom 5 Pack Various Colours


It's like Jenny Craig for your trad rack

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Chimera 5 Pack


The Chimera is DMM's flagship lightweight clean nose carabiner, with dimensions that strike a precise balance between weight saving and useability.

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Nineteen G


The 20 g barrier has been broken! The Nineteen G is the lightest carabiner in the world – and makes no compromises on strength.

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S2W Steel Two Wire Gate


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Alpha Trad


Widely respected in the world of trad climbing, the designers at DMM topped themselves once again when they created the Alpha Wire Carabiner

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Alpha Light BLT


Ultra lightweight clean nosed wire gate biner. Easy to handle, grippy shape

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Alpha Trad 5 Pack


The Alpha Trad excels in Summer and Winter, from cragging to expeditions and everything in between.

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Nineteen G 6 Pack


The lightetest carabiner in the world in a sixpack.

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Enter the worlds lightest full strength carabiner!

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Rope drag sucks. Help your climbs go more smoothly with the DMM Revolver Carabiner

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Spectre 2 5 pack


Multi colour 5-Pack of the DMM Spectre carabiner

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Spectre 2


Strong and efficient, it's the Terminator of carabiners

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K10G Clepsidra Twin Gate


Grivel has designed a totally new carabiner where a simple second wire gate isolates the belay loop and keeps the proper orientation even with the carabiner door open.

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