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K2 Base Camp in Fortitude Valley beats with the collective heart and soul of its founder Winton Flesser and well-informed team, as they help like-minded adventurers on their merry way. Founded on the basis of a genuine love for adventure and the outdoors, K2 is structured around the catch cry “Let all of your challenges come from the adventures you undertake and not from the gear you have chosen”.

The locally owned and run K2 Base Camp has been helping adventurers experience, explore and succeed for 20 years now with a passionate team and top quality climbing gear. The K2 team are only genuine outdoor enthusiasts – people “who live it, breathe it, talk it, and know it inside out”. From its faithful perch on Fortitude Valley’s Wickham Street, K2 has become a Brisbane institution for those at home in the outdoors, local adventure-seekers and a myriad of backpackers and explorers alike.

Photo of Winton

Winton Flesser - Owner

After running family camping shops in the early 1980s, towards the close of the decade Winton opened the first instalment of his K2 trajectory. Along with business partners with similar passions, Winton created K2 Base Camp, a specialist outdoor, rock-climbing and adventure gear store. Soon after, Winton took over the reins of K2 Base Camp in a solo capacity and has since taken the enterprise from strength to strength. K2 Base Camp is an expression not only of Winton’s deep love for nature and the outdoors, but also his need for adventure. Though never unfulfilled in his past 28 years in business, Winton stays motivated (in his words, “keeps his brain balanced”) by returning to nature on a regular basis.

Photo of Daniel

Daniel Laing - General Manager

Daniel started climbing on the Scottish sea cliffs with his Dad and a school friend as a teenager and has been hooked ever since. He has climbed extensively in the UK, Spain and Australia, with some shorter trips to other destinations thrown in as well. He enjoys climbing both trad and sport equally and has been known to do some winter climbing and DWS too. When not climbing he spends his time getting into nature in other ways, such as, hiking and running.  

Chris Green - Team Member

Chris can usually be found swinging from a rope in the mountains with his friends. He started his climbing adventures over a decade ago and since then he has developed a joy for slacklining & minimalist camping. To top off his adventures he enjoys a fresh cup of coffee on the summit.

Rhys Phillips - Climbing Manager

Since discovering climbing soon after finishing High School, Rhys found a new home in the steep caves and blank boulders around South East Queensland. When the high temperatures bring undesirable levels of ‘spouge’ to Coolum, you’ll find him taking the annual migration south to embrace the Blue mountains sandstone or fleeing the country to places like Thailand and New Zealand. Rhys will never say no to a trad-venture to Point Perp either, but you’ll have to hang him upside down in Nowra once or twice to keep him sane. On his rest days, you’ll find him on his mountain bike, snowboarding, slacklining or taking it easy with guitar in hand.

Hamish Macnicol - Team Member

Hamish grew up always being in the outdoors, but it was when he took part in a World Challenge Expedition in South-East Asia that he realised this was the industry he wanted to work in. Since than he has done many trips to New Zealand hiking and mountaineering in the MT Cook and Aspiring National Parks. He is a keen Mt Barney enthusiast with more than 35 summits up some of its hardest routes. Hamish also really loves his climbing and has recently got into the dark arts of aid and big wall climbing. 

Sophie Thomas - Team Member

Sophie grew up in Scotland, moving to Australia when she was 17. She spends her time in the outdoors hiking, camping, rock climbing, slacklining, skiing and kayaking and has taken these hobbies on her travels through Europe, Japan, Canada and New Zealand. Sophie also enjoys nature through her plant-based, vegan lifestyle.

Todd Herriot - Team Member

Whether it’s out in the mountains, clinging to rocks or delving into salt water, Todd finds himself exploring South East Queensland in a variety of ways. Todd has spent a vast amount of time from an early age discovering and interacting with the outdoors both around Australia and across the globe. With his energy and passion devoted to rock climbing, mountaineering, trail running, diving and surfing, a new adventure, experience or piece of gear is never afar for Todd.He is always looking to expand his knowledge and skills for tackling the outdoors.

Amanda Munro - Team Member

Kevin Reilly - Team Member

By age 10 Kevin had lived in 4 different countries (currently 6 and counting!). He considers himself to be a wanderer and when not planning bushwalks to Tassie or Japan he’s adding more to his bucket list. His current goal is to do a multi-day bushwalk in every state and territory in Australia. True to his nature he believes doctors should prescribe ‘outdoors’ instead of drugs! 

Photo of Andrew

Andrew Gill - Storeman

Ex-Navy Boatswain's mate, Andrew has travelled extensively on HMAS Darwin to Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Australia and the Middle East. He is an experienced Nepal trekker, enjoys climbing, and is a baseball fanatic. Nowadays, since obtaining his advanced open water diving certification, he enjoys spending his time exploring the ocean.