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Heading away on your next winter adventure? Though the conditions may be forecasted to be bitterly cold, equipping yourself with the right down jacket and fill power will guarantee your adventure to be a warm and toasty success. To find the optimal down jacket for your holiday in Tasmania or hike through the mountains of Nepal, it’s crucial to understand what the ‘fill power’ number of your next jacket really means. Don’t let the many options of goose and duck down fills out there overwhelm you, with a quick breakdown of our Outdoor Research Men’s and Women’s Down Jacket range we’ll crunch those numbers into a digestible guide before you buy your next down jacket.

The benefits and fundamentals of down insulation

Lightweight, warm and highly-compressible these are just some of the standard benefits of a duck down or goose down jacket. When then combined with newer technologies like hydrophobic treated down and a Pertex outer fabric, what is created is an ultralight down jacket resistant to cold weather conditions while it works to regulate a cosy temperature, leaving you comfortable and warm. While synthetic insulations remain a stronger performer when facing wetter environments, down is your go to choice for a warmth to weight ratio and packability convenience.

As an indicator of down quality, a down jackets fill rating will often vary from 650-800 with the higher the number correlating to a fluffier feather that captures warmth more effectively and can produce a less bulky down jacket. This doesn’t automatically 

mean a 900 fill jacket is warmer than a 650, this is why it’s important to additionally consider the amount of down (grams) stuffed into the jacket. Both of these fill ratings can achieve the same warmth, however a 900 fill would be a lighter and more compressible option and the 650 would be a slightly heavier but less expensive choice. This combination of down quality and weight will be the defining factor in understanding a down jacket’s fill power, with higher powers given to jackets that achieve great warmth at a minimal weight. 

Depending on where your going and what your needs may be matching the appropriate fill power will ultimately come down to the task at hand. For example sending that hard sport climbing route in the Blue Mountains may require a toasty warm jacket, but optimally at a lighter weight to maximise your chances of success. Where as a trek through the colder months of the Routeburn track in New Zealand would greatly suit a puffy down jacket, ready to tackle the strong winds or bitter temps. 



New Outdoor Research Down Jacket Range


Transcendnt Men's Down Sweater and Womens' Down Jacket - Outdoor Research

Warm, compressible and incredibly lightweight, the Transcendent Collection is built to keep you comfortably insulated when the temperature drops, then stuff away into a corner of your pack when not needed. The Sweater and Jacket variants feature high quality 650 fill power goose down insulation to keep you cozy during Tassie off season treks or when you’re huddled up at camp. Men's Transcendant Sweater, Down: 650 Goose Fill | Total Weight: 369g (Large). Women's Transcendant Jacket, Down: 650 Goose Fill | Total Weight: 326g (Medium)



Alpine Down Hooded Jacket Men's and Women's - Outdoor Research

Your new trusty 6000 meter puffy, The Alpine Down Hooded Jacket is jam packed with the durability, weather resistancy, and fierce warmth to withstand high altitude's howling wind and the bitter cold, all while still stowing away compactly into its own left-hand pocket. Pertex® Quantum Pro performs with solid durability on the shoulders, sleeves, and hood, while the a lighter-weight body cut traps the insulating powers from the responsibly sourced 800-fill down in a baffled construction that eliminates the cold spots, notorious to fully-quilted jackets. Brimming with features like a Dynamic Reach™ Underarm Panels, elastic drawcord hem and cuffs, pocket placements that don't interfere with your harness, and a helmet-compatible halo hood. The Alpine Down doesn't compromise on functionality, or exceptional warmth. Down: 800 Goose Fill | Total Weight: 538g (Large)



Women's Illuminate Down Hoody - Outdoor Research

The Illuminate Down Hoody is one of the lightest, warmest, and easiest grab-n-go midlayers for your adventures, sporting 800-fill responsibly sourced down insulation. A sturdy nylon shell and lining provides light weather resistance and next-to-skin ultra-soft comfort, while fine-tuned details like a brushed tricot interior and zip chest media pocket ensure hands and valuables stay warm, dry, and safe. Elastic cuffs and drawcord hem trap in warmth and seal out cold, and a blocked design looks as good as it does perform in freezing temps. Down: 800 Goose Fill | Total Weight: 299g (Medium)



Women's Sonata Down Hooded Jacket - Outdoor Research

A streamlined technical 650 fill power goose down jacket, the Sonata Hooded Down Jacket is an insulation classic and a total featherweight champ. Ultra-lightweight and incredibly packable, the Sonata’s toasty down is stuffed into a Pertex® Quantum shell that fights through wind chilled  condtions. Built to withstand the distance, this down puffy is perfect for battling the cold or taking the bite out of shady late fall belays. Down: 650 Goose Fill | Total Weight: 331g (Medium)


Men's Transcendent Down Vest - Outdoor Reseach

The Transcendent is a puffy essential for climbers, backpackers, mountaineers, and everyone else who spends extended time outside. Stuffed with all-natural responsibly sourced down, using a wider quilting and a rebalanced down fill allows this insulation to loft better for fast, compressible warmth. Packed with features and coming in at an attractive lightweight add even more reasons for adventurers to rely on the Transcendent Vest for comfort on trail. Even if you haven't quite loved your last puffy to death yet, this vest will find a crucial place in your quiver of warmth against the cold. Down: 650 Goose Fill | Total Weight: 254g (Large)



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