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Bunker down on trail surrounded by innovation and quality in the great outdoors. Wherever in the world it will be used, Exped tents are built for performance in the wildest conditions 2 to 4 season weather can throw. At K2 Base Camp we strive to give you your best night's sleep in the right level of tent comfort and performance for your seasonal demands...



2-3 SEASONS | 2.4KG | 2 PERSONS *Also available in the 3 persons Gemini III at 2.7kg

Built for 3 season comfort without sacrificing space at a light 2.4kgs, this unique architectural design allows the Gemini II to generate a high volume of living room as its pole structure strategically carries floor space to the tent’s edge.

Maximising this floor space gives you plenty of room to move and store hiking packs, while enjoying ample head clearance as you kit up for the day ahead. Large tear drop zip doors further extend this living space into the vestibule areas for when the tent fly is up and the weather has turned sour. 

Best suited for hikers that appreciate warm climate adventures with mild nights under the stars.



3 SEASONS | 2.5KG | 2 PERSONS *Also available in the 4 persons Carina IV at 3kg

The Exped Carina II is an ingenious 3 season tent for variable moderate climates, standing strong in testing weather conditions with its hybrid tunnel/dome design maximising living space and ventilation.

Kick back and roll up either half or the whole tent fly to enjoy extra air flow during warm nights carrying tail winds, enjoying great views when the morning comes. Similarly to the Gemini II this tent is spacious, so pack all your gear securely and dry with you inside while the weather pours down.

The ideal choice for hikers in varying mild climates that find warmer or cooler conditions on occasion without heading into the extreme cold.




3-4 SEASONS | 3.1KG | 2 PERSONS *Also available in the Venus II UL at 2.3kg & Venus III 4.1kg

A carefully crafted classic, explore further across all seasons as the Venus II’s design balances its versatility across features and performance in testing conditions. 

As a freestanding tunnel tent two doubled lined (mesh/nylon) doors offer comfortable ventilation and easy entry and exit points into spacious vestibules areas for additional separate storage space. Most strategically in the worst of weather conditions the rainfly can be setup independently first, keeping your tent dry as you step it up secondly from underneath.

THE BEST TENT for adventures heading into a wide range of mild to cold weather/temperature conditions. 



3-4 SEASONS | 3.4KG | 2 PERSONS *Also available in the Orion III 3.6kg

A trusted tent for multi-day treks and extreme wind stability, the Orion II takes the dependable features of the Venus series and increases storage space into a steep canopy structure that cuts through wet, wild and cold weather conditions.

The full length ridge pole extends the ground reach for enhanced wind stability, creating even larger vestibules areas at either side of the doubled lined (mesh/nylon) doors when ventilation is desired.

Like the Venus II this tent is best suited for all kinds of conditions mild to cold, specifically excelling in environments prone to extreme weather.





The Vela I Extreme is a lightweight and sturdy 1 person tent for 4-season use with a silicone coated rainfly offering heavy weather protection. 

The Vela features generous living space and a large sheltered vestibule, in good weather the vestibule can be opened up completely for good views and extra ventilation. The triangular floor space of the canopy offers additional storage space accommodating for the hiker who needs to carry just that bit more extra gear for the terrain ahead.

Best suited for hikers heading solo into a wide range of conditions from mild to cold weather or temperature.




Aerodynamic and storm resistant the Sirrus II tunnel design and double lined (mesh/nylon) door and window are optimal for comfort in the worst conditions down low to up high in the mountains.

This elongated design will accommodate the gear demands of a serious expedition into the corners of the wilderness, while offering plenty of room to stretch out and rest upon return to camp. The Sirrus II fly can also be erected independently to keep your inner dry while pitching camp in wet weather conditions.

Best suited for expeditions heading into cold and wild weather conditions with extra gear for unique or challenging terrain.




Sometimes all you want is a night of comfy glamping and ample space to move, the Ursa VI will offer exactly that with height for standing and endless room for two and enough for a family on trail.

The canopy ventilates exceptionally well thanks to its generous mesh panels and can be separated into 2 compartments with a partition door. This results in either two separate bedrooms for parent and child or a bug-free living area. The floor of the living area can be rolled back and allows to place camping gear securely on the ground, protecting the floor fabric. The rear vestibule creates additional storage space and in warmer weather the rainfly can either be removed or rolled up 2/3 of the way. 

For hikers check in to your luxurious room for the night, and for families or larger groups this is the perfect 3-season tent with an optimal weight to space ratio.