DMM Apex Review | K2 Team Member Review

Author: Jack Mattison   Date Posted:18 November 2018 

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The 411, a technical big mountain axe of my dreams. Tackles steep terrain with ease and gives secure sticks in hard ice. The grip and trig rest feel natural and secure when swinging. There are a number of grip positions for matching hands on you tools. The action is precise when swung overhead, and the overall feel is one of substance with a slight wrist flick making it stick firm into the ice. The axe is weighty for firm action and placements, highly advisable eat you eat your veggies if you intend to wielding this beast. These removable pick weights are best left at base camp for longer Alpine adventures. 

Due to the aggressive design, shaft daggering and modified swinging is an absolute joy, as your hands are set well back from smashing into the snow and ice. On easy terrain the axe's bottom spike is substantial and more than enough to negotiate moderate alpine terrain. 

What are the cons?

DMM market the axe as a technical design for big mountains and I totally agree. The route you are on must be technical to derive the benefits of this axe, where a straighter or more gentle design is greater suited for easier graded slopes. But with sompractice I was able to cut out a small platforms for resting stations along the way to the top.

The joy of this ice axe is the feel of substance and security in the swing, this is no light weight pretender in the mountains. Suiters who choose this axe better have the guns to wield it. **please note the author does not possess the guns so he opted to remove the pick weights before doing battle**

Technical specifications

  • T rated Axe
  • Length: 50cm
  • Weight: 673g
  • Removable Pick Weights

Ideal terrain

  • Technical big mountain routes
  • Mt Aspiring South West Ridge 
  • Mt Cook via GT or East ridge