Boulder Mats

Crash Pads and Bouldering Mats

Bouldering can pop you off unexpectedly and is much closer to the ground than climbing on rope, as it generally involves harder single moves. Having a good spotter and a proper boulder mat is a must, to protect you from the ground and rocks that may be around the bottom. Boulder mats have a harness on one side, so you can easily carry them into the crag. It’s a great idea to try out the harness when selecting which pad to buy. 

*Crash Pads are bulky items so free shipping may not apply. Please contact us for a quote for freight*

Most will have a carpet section you can wipe your shoes on and handles on the outside for dragging them around to keep them under your friend as they climb. Some have pockets for storing gear, and it is wise to empty them before climbing to ensure you don’t break what’s inside. There are many types of pads on the market, the most common types are:

Taco Pads

Uninterrupted foam that is folded like a taco. These can be more cumbersome due to the cavity at the fold, but you can use this to stuff your shoes and chalk bag in. It is best to store these pads flat to maximise the longevity of the core. Check out the Black Diamond Drop Zone and Big Air Pad Taco.

Hinged Pads

The foam is split so the pad folds together flush. Great for packing and storage. When placing a hinged pad, make sure there are no rocks or roots under the hinge as falling onto that spot can result in injury. The Session Pad by Metolius solves this problem with an angled hinge.

Sit Start Pads

These pads are smaller and thinner. Sit start mats are great for tricky starts and extra support when used with another pad. Seen here: Edelrid - Sit Start II For high-ball problems it is best to get a bunch of pads and spotters and consider where your climber would likely fall.

You can also use your crash pads for trying tricks on a slackline and as a bed when you are on a climbing trip. We usually stock DMM, Edelrid, Black Diamond, Metolius, Moon, Petzl and Wild Country. We happily do custom orders so if you don’t see the pad you were looking for let us know.