Carabiners and Quickdraws

Carabiners and quickdraws are an essential part of your climbing rack, whether you are a sport climber or a trad climber or both. At K2 Base Camp, we have a wide range of carabiners and quickdraws with a variety of designs and uses. We select our climbing hardware from top brands such as DMM, Rock Empire, Edelrid, Petzl and Black diamond.  With such a large choice out there, it is important to get the best advice to find the correct gear for your needs. Come in to see our expert staff for any advice you need.


We have a vast range of carabiners in all shapes and styles, and each is made for a specific climbing task.

Some carabiner types include traditional screw gates, twist lock, triple lock and quadruple locking carabiners. Carabiners are usually made from alloy materials, the typical choice of most recreational climbers, or they may also be steel which is a popular choice with industrial climbers. Steel carabiners are heavier and potentially more durable, making them ideal for the workplace while the lighter alloy carabiners are much more enjoyable to carry on your harness when rock climbing recreationally. Larger, D shaped carabiners are handy for belay devices or anchor set ups while smaller carabiners are good to have on your harness for a variety of uses.

As a climber you can never have too many carabiners, so purchasing a selection of shapes and styles is a good idea. Screw gates are by far the most popular style amongst climbers but twist lock and triple are getting more popular, particularly for using with belay devices.

Carabiners with a captive eye are great for belay devices as well because they prevent the carabiner from twisting in the belay loop which is otherwise a potential hazard.


We sell quickdraws individually or in packs of 5 or 6. Normally, there are around 10 quickdraws in a full set, so quickdraw packs can be a good option if you are starting out. Quickdraws also come in varied lengths, so generally a mix of different lengths is a good option when putting together your set. For sport climbing quickdraws, a thick dog-bone (the tape linking the two carabiners) is beneficial as it means the quickdraw will be easier to clip and is less likely to turn or be blown into an awkward position. These are also easier to pull off when working a hard route! To make quick clipping easier, sport climbing quick draws also usually have larger carabiners. For trad climbing, weight is always a key factor, so the dog bone is usually thinner and lighter. In some of our top of the range draws, the carabiners themselves are also lighter. We also stock quickdraws that are cross-discipline and work well in both areas. You can also customise quickdraws for your own needs, and we sell straight gate and bent gate carabiners and dog bones individually for this purpose.

Our team is always available to offer advice to help you make the right choices putting together this important part of your climbing rack.