Climbing Harnesses

Men's and Women's Climbing Harnesses

At K2, we proudly stock a large range of quality climbing harnesses from kids to adults with plenty of size options. We professionally fit harnesses in store, where we have a rope system in place so that you can test your fit before deciding which harness is best for your needs. If you’re going out sport or trad climbing or working at heights & require a comfortable full body system or have a school group looking for a large size range to fit your students (& teachers) then we have you covered.

Here are some tips on what to look for in each type of harness:

Alpine harnesses

Alpine harnesses should be easy to get on & remove, have adjustable leg loops to make space for layering, have Ice clipper attachments & should be ultralight & packable.
Ideally they should also use materials that won’t absorb much moisture to stay light & dry.

Kids harnesses

Kids harnesses will have options for full body systems which put the attachment point higher either on the back or top of chest. This reduces the chance of your child turning upside down in the harness when they fall. You can achieve this with a single harness or a dual system, sit harness & chest harness combo.

*Please note that a chest harness should not be used on its own.*

We have a great size range to ensure you get the most out of your harness as your little one grows.

Sport climbing harnesses

Sport climbing or trad climbing harnesses generally will be lightweight with more gear loops for trad climbers to carry all your equipment.
Many sport or trad harnesses feature non-adjustable leg loops to save weight & cost, as changing layers usually won’t be needed.
Things to consider here include how much gear you need to take and how long you may sit in your harness.

Indoor & Outdoor Recreation climbing harnesses

Indoor & Outdoor Recreation climbing harnesses have only a few or no gear loops as carrying equipment whilst climbing isn’t usually required.
These harnesses are typically one size and can cater for a very small waist up to a large waist range to accommodate different shapes and sizes.
Recreation harnesses are commonly not the most comfortable for sitting for long periods.

Industrial harnesses

Industrial harnesses have plenty of gear loops and lots of comfortable padding and should have a more tailored fit to keep you from getting too sore after a full day working on the rope.
We choose our stock of work harnesses in this range for their comfort & ergonomics.
We stock Fall Arrest, Work Positioning & Rescue Harnesses, meeting different needs and required safety accreditations like EN 361 / EN358 / EN813 / EN 1497 / EN12841.
So if you’re an arborist, tower worker, access worker or lighting and sound rigger, we have you covered.
We also carry a great range of industrial harness accessories like tool bags, work lanyards & bosun chairs which you can find here.

Things to remember

It’s a great habit to inspect your harness before and after each use.
If the webbing is starting to fray or its starting to fade, then it’s a good idea to replace it.
Most of the industry recommends replacing your harness after 7 years, even after proper storage & minimal use.
For professionals we recommend that you replace your harnesses at least annually or after a large fall.
We prefer to walk on the safe side and climb safely.

Please choose carefully as we cannot exchange climbing equipment for safety reasons.