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Rock Climbing Ropes

Rock climbing and industrial height access ropes

The best quality climbing rope will give you great handling performance and durability. We have a large range of climbing ropes from top brands like Sterling and Edelrid. Come upstairs instore to see our climbing rope, rope protectors and accessories, and talk to our expert staff, who can make sure you get the best rope for your intended use.

Which climbing rope should I choose?

If you are unsure of what to get, here are some tips: Our ropes fit into two categories: Dynamic and Static. Dynamic ropes have a lot of stretch and are ideal for lead rock climbing, while static ropes have very minimal stretch and are ideal for fixed lines or industrial use.

Static Climbing Rope

Static ropes are great for fixed lines, for use as anchors and for rope access and industrial climbing and working at heights. While they are incredibly strong, static ropes are not designed to absorb the forces created when climbers are constantly falling, making them unsuitable for recreational lead climbing (you can use our dynamic ropes for this). We can cut static rope to your desired length from spools of up to 200m in a variety of colour options. If you need long lengths of up to 1000m; please contact us. Static ropes are available in different diameters, typically from 9mm to 11mm thick. We stock top rope brands such as Edelrid and Sterling, and they make different ropes for different situations, such as low stretch ropes and ropes with a more durable outer sheath. Contact us or come in to the store for advice and let us help you to decide which rope is best for you.

Dynamic Climbing Rope

When you are choosing a dynamic climbing rope, there are many options, including: Length Diameter Dry treatment Bi-colour Half rope

Rope Length

Our single dynamic rope is usually available in 50m, 60m, 70m, and 80m lengths. We have found that 60m is the most commonly used length of rope, however you may need a different length depending on your intended use. If you climb in areas with longer routes or often need to abseil, then 70m may be a better choice. 50m and 80m ropes are less commonly used, but can still be the best choice depending on your circumstances.

Rope Diameter

The thickness or diameter of your rope is another important choice. We usually have single ropes available from 9.2mm to 10.3mm in diameter. Typically, 9.5mm to 10.1mm are our most popular dynamic rope diameters. A thicker rope tends to have slightly more durability and handles slower through a belay device. Thicker ropes can be useful if you top rope often. The thinner the rope, the lighter it is, so this is good if you have to walk or climb a long way. Thinner rope will also run faster through a belay device. The downside of thinner rope is that it can also have more stretch when you fall, so keep this in mind!

Dry Treatment

Another feature you may wish to consider when choosing a rope is dry treatment. Dry treatment will mean that your rope’s performance will not be compromised in wet conditions, so you can carry on climbing.


We also have bi-colour rope that has a different pattern on each half, making it easy to climb with the rope doubled and easier to see where the halfway mark is.

Half Rope

To complete our dynamic range, we also have half rope. Half ropes are thinner ropes of around 8.5mm/8.7mm that are used as a set and are particularly useful in alpine situations or trad climbing on long wandering pitches.

Rope care

To get the maximum durability and life span from your rope, it will be important to care for it. We have rope bags to store your rope and keep it clean at the crag. Importantly, keeping your rope clean prevents dirt and grit from getting into the rope and reducing its lifespan. We also have rope cleaning products including rope brushes and rope cleaner which if used regularly will keep your rope in top condition.