A hammock may be your best sleeping option if you need to camp on steep or boggy ground, or other challenging terrain.The suspension of a Hammock will keep you clear off the ground, away from uncomfortable rocks and sticks, and creepy crawlies!

Hammocks are lightweight and versatile, and are convenient and easy to set up for a comfortable night of rest. They're great for lounging around camp or for a quick rest on the trail or while travelling.

At K2 Base Camp, we stock a diverse range of high quality technical hammocks for camping, hiking, leisure and unique outdoor environments. We have hammocks and accessories from top brands such as Exped, Hennessy Hammocks and Sea to Summit. The best hammock for you will depend on the weather, terrain and environmental conditions you are likely to face and how you plan to use your hammock.

Exped hammocks

Exped hammocks are convenient and comfortable lightweight hammocks with a small pack-down size, suitable for trekking, backpacking and travelling. These hammocks are reliable, quick to set up and convenient for resting around camp or on the trail.

Hennessy Hammocks

We have a broad range of Hennessy Hammocks with a great selection of their signature asymmetrical hammock designs. Hennessys’ design uses a flat sleeping profile for optimal comfort and space within the hammock and convenient, durable and versatile indoor and outdoor use. Hennessy have designed their hammocks to be durable, and applicable for use in a wide range of situations, including hiking, camping, backpacking and diverse weather conditions with both windproof and waterproof options. They offer a range of accessories to accompany their hammocks including; insulation mats, an oversize rain fly and snakeskin packing sleeves to enable use of their hammocks in challenging environments .

Sea to Summit hammocks

Sea to Summit make hammocks that are technical, lightweight and compact; great for hiking and camping. Their hammocks are easy to use and set up and are easy and quick to adjust making them great for recreational day-trippers relaxing in the outdoors and weight conscious adventurers sleeping overnight. The designs vary in size and weight for optimal application off and on the trail.


To complement our hammock range we stock a variety of accessories to enhance the capability and versatility of your hammock for maximum adventure. We have multiple fly size options available to decrease weight or increase protection from weather. Increase the comfort and support of your hammock with our range of insulating sleeping mats for colder adventures. At K2 Base Camp we also offer a wide selection of ropes, webbing, carabiners and maillons to optimise and customise anchor points of your hammock and the setup of your campsite.