We have a huge range of sleeping bags, insulation mats, liners, pillows and camp accessories to keep you warm and comfortable so you can wake up refreshed for a new day of adventure.

Sleeping mats

First things first, you want to get a comfortable mat down under your sleeping bag, to keep you off the hard ground at night
We also stock insulated mats to reduce heat loss if you are camping in a cold climate.
A good quality insulating sleeping mat can mean a huge reduction in heat loss as you sleep, and good design ensures a stable cushion with no cold spots.
We sell a great range of compact or compressible down filled mats, synthetic filled mats, self-inflating mats and air mattresses.
Many of our mats will fit into a space about the same size as your water bottle.
Gram counters will be happy with our ultra-lightweight mats, including 3/4 length options.