Footwear Sizing Guide

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Fitting Your Boots & Shoes

1. Measuring your feet, first wear the socks you most likely will be using with the footwear, now take a blank sheet of paper and standing over it with one foot at a time draw a straight line perpendicular to your longest toe(s) and behind your heel. Repeat this for both feet to highlight any size differences between your left and right foot. Once complete, take a ruler and measure the distance (cm) between your heel and toe lines for both feet. 

2. With your heel to toe distances take the larger measurement of the two and use the size conversion chart to identify your foot size (sometimes referred to as your mondo point). 

3. When selecting the appropriate size for your hiking boots add an addtional 1.5 EU or 1 US/UK size; for walking shoes 1 EU or 0.5 US/UK; for running shoes 1.5 EU or 1 US/UK, on top of your identified foot size. This will ensure enough toe wiggle room for those steep down hill sections and foot swell after a long day on trail.


*As some brands vary in sizing between each other it is reccomended that you refer to the brand specific sizing charts contained within our boots and shoes.