Hiking boots and shoes 

Outdoor enthusiasts everywhere know how important it is to have the best hiking boots. Our motto at K2 is ‘Let all of your challenges come from the adventures you undertake and not from the gear you have chosen.’ We can help you find the right pair of shoes or boots. Waterproof, lightweight, breathable, tough, stable; these are all good words. Let us show you the best hiking boots in Australia; footwear that is perfect for your adventure plans, whatever they may be.

Finding the best hiking boots or shoes for you

Selecting the right boots or shoes for your adventure will be determined by considerations of the shoe or boot’s fabric upper, stability/flex, weight, grip and weather resistance. Our team of adventure specialist are here to help you in finding the best shoe or boot, fit and comfort in our technical men’s hiking shoes and shoe or boots range at K2 Base Camp Brisbane.

Take a look at fabric uppers of hiking boots or shoes

The fabric upper of a shoe or boot affects multiple attributes of your shoe or boot and its application to the outdoors. Fabrics that are utilised range from leathers, suedes, synthetics or blends, these offer performance benefits to a hiker’s unique adventure and personal preference for comfort and application. 

- Leather: Characteristics offered to you by a leather hiking shoe or boot are its durability, ruggedness and natural ability of water resistance, great for mild to extremely cold adventures. Multiple leather types are offered in our shoe or boot range; full grain leather, as found in the Anatom Q2 Classic’s full grain Italian leather, provide all the standard benefits of quality leather and perform well in abrasive environments and cold conditions. Nubuck leathers are a step down from full grain leathers to provide the natural abilities of full grain leather but additionally provide comfort for breathability, flex and lighter weight shoes and shoe or boots, seen in the La Sportiva Nucleo GTX.

- Synthetics: Utilising Synthetics in your hiking shoes and shoe or boots will provide you with a light, flexible and breathable hiking shoe or boot, optimal in cool to warm climates or weight conscious adventures. The durability is achieved by implementing leathers into wear points, producing a blended shoe or boot fabric design like the Asolo Fugitive GTX, allowing you to push yourself and your shoes and shoe or boots further whilst saving weight.

Pay attention to footwear’s stability and weight

The stability and weight of your shoe or boot is made up by the combination and design of the support shank running through the sole of the shoe or boot and the fabric upper construction. Selecting a stiffer shoe or boot such as the Asolo TPS 520 Evo will provide you with a high level of stability and control from it’s rugged construction, great for carrying heavier loads, unstable terrains, mountaineering or demanding multiday expeditions. Opting for a softer shoe or boot like the La Sportiva Core High GTX gives you greater flex and cushion providing a light comfortable and easy to use shoe or boot for your general walking, steep terrains and less technical multi-day hikes.   

Consider grip and tread of hiking boots or shoes

Considering the tread pattern of your shoe or boot will support selecting the best shoes and shoe or boots for your adventure and environment. Tread patterns and rubber type are determinants in a shoes and shoe or boots grip, a versatile tread like the Scarpa Terra GTX offers you control and durability with its lug design and grippy Vibram sole. Tackling more rugged terrains and rock scrambling adventures would be suited by a sole like the La Sportiva TX4 MID GTX giving you excellent grip on rock with it’s high surface area contact with the ground. 

Think about hiking boots or shoes’ waterproofness and breathability

Keeping your shoes and shoe or boots watertight will come down to the effectiveness of the upper fabrics in the shoe or boot’s design and the use of a waterproof lining. A Goretex shoe or boot provides high quality waterproof membrane in the lining of the shoe or boot, keeping your socks and feet comfortably dry and protected from the elements. Combining a waterproof membrane with our shoe or boot water resistance treatments will offer a reliable and breathable watertight shoe or boot for all your wet or cold adventures.