Rock Climbing Shoes

Men's and Women's Climbing shoes

Well-designed climbing shoes push you higher! From beginner and entry level shoes through to high level performance shoes, we have the right shoe for you. At K2, we like to boast that we have the largest selection of climbing shoes in Brisbane.

We have a wide range of elite brands to choose from including, La Sportiva, Red Chili, Scarpa and Five Ten. Finding the right climbing shoe is a tricky business but thankfully our expert team is available to make sure you find the right fit and style for your needs, whether it be for your first trip to the local gym or for that long standing project at the crag.

Which rock climbing shoes should I buy?

Entry level climbing shoes

Our entry level shoes will provide a comfortable fit with a neutral sole to ensure maximum enjoyment while at the gym, crag or on a multi pitch. Your shoes should be fitted snugly but do not need to be too tight or cause pain. Choose shoes with quality rubber and a great finish to give you good friction and boost your confidence on holds.

Intermediate climbing shoes

Intermediate shoes will be less comfortable, but will give you more precision with small edges, smears and better capacity for heel hooking. A tighter fit will be advantageous to you with this style of shoe which will still generally have a flat or neutral sole with potentially a slight down turn at the front. Intermediate climbing shoes will best suit your mid-level sport routes, trad climbs and multi pitch days out.

Elite climbing shoes

Our elite, performance rock climbing shoe range includes the finest climbing shoes available in Australia, with the latest technology, giving you the best chance to perform at your maximum climbing potential.

This style of shoe will perform best with a tight fit and should be aggressively down-turned at the toe for use on steep, overhanging climbs. Features to look for in elite climbing shoes include a precision toe, cultivated heel and toe rubber for toe hooks. These shoes are designed for bouldering and high-end sport climbing.

Children’s climbing shoes

We also stock a selection of children’s climbing shoes, crafted by top brands La Sportiva, Red Chili and Edelrid. Kid’s climbing shoes give a flat, comfortable fit and usually have an easy Velcro system for taking them on and off.

Fasteners – slippers, velcro or laces?

Are you wondering whether to choose laces, Velcro or a slipper style of climbing shoes? In our team we have differing opinions about which of these is the best option!

So really, just choose the one that suits you. Laces give maximum adjustability, Velcro gives convenience when taking shoes off and on, and a slipper gives a tight, suctioned fit.

Socks for climbing shoes

Socks or no socks? This is another popular debate amongst our team members! The majority of climbers choose not to wear socks, in order to get a more sensitive fit, however a light sock will help if you have a problem with smelly climbing shoes!

We do our best to make K2 Basecamp the perfect place for you to find your perfect climbing shoes. Come in and see our great selection of styles and ask our knowledgeable and experienced staff for advice that will give you the best chance to find out what is right for you. You can also use our climbing wall in store to try out as many shoes as you like for real before you choose your shoes. Pretty good right?