Day Packs


The wildest adventures begin with a great quality pack and at K2 Base Camp we have been equipping and fitting people in the right hiking packs for your unique adventures for over 28 years. The hiking and trekking day pack range we stock to support your adventures come from the top brands such as; Lowe Alpine, One Planet, Osprey, Exped and many more. Our range includes day packs suitable for everything from the hottest climates to the coldest mountaintops and some of the lightest styles and designs to the most rugged packs fit for enduring the roughest adventures.

Accompanying our day pack range is a large selection and variety of pack accessories including; rain covers, pack liners, hydration bladders, accessory straps and buckles, repair kits, security locks and much more. Come into our store in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane and our adventure specialist team will join you in selecting the best pack size and style for you, providing you with a custom fit to get the most comfort and performance out of your pack.

How to choose the right hiking pack for your next adventure

Whether it’s day walking, hiking, rock climbing, camping, traveling or mountaineering it all starts at selecting the right pack for your adventure. Key areas of focus in your decision for the right pack are its size, harness system and sizing and the fabric design for maximising weather resistance.

Size and litres

20L-30L Day Packs; suitable for those shorter trips like heading up peasants ridge of Mount Barney or trekking between camps each day up Mount Kilimanjaro. These packs are great for carrying your essential day hike needs, allowing enough capacity for your water intake, food, trekking accessories and a weather jacket.

30L-50L Over Night Packs; equipped with a lightweight tent, sleeping gear, dehydrated meals and one of these packs you’re ready to tackle those longer hikes or campout somewhere wild on the weekend. This pack size is great for rock climbers and mountaineers too, giving you enough room for the climbing gear and rope on top of your daily needs.

Harness system and sizing

Harness Systems and Support

Finding the most comfort in your hiking pack is best done through selecting a pack that matches your capacity demands and carrying weight. Harness systems like the Axiom range in Lowe Alpine packs utilise technical designs and levels of foam support to provide comfort while carrying lighter to heavier loads. Alternative harness designs like the Anti-Gravity packs from Osprey provide you with the best ventilation, keeping you cool and comfortable while trekking.

Sizing and adjustability

To get the most out of your pack you’ll need the right size and fitting for support and comfort. Brands like One Planet, Lowe Alpine and Osprey provide dynamic sizes and adjustability across their packs for the best comfort and fit. Come into K2 Base Camp and our adventure specialist will help in find the best hiking pack and fitting for your adventures.  

Hiking Pack Materials


Utilised in many ways across hiking packs nylon offers a lighter alternative to tradition heavier canvas packs. Heavier grades of nylon like the tough TriShield construction in the Lowe Alpine Cerro Torre 75:95 provide weather resistance, durability and rip stop technologies in a weight efficient design. Lightweight nylon designs like the Osprey Exos 48 are great for minimise hiking weight while moving quicker and lighter on trail.


For the wildest adventures demanding a tough pack, canvas is the best for rigorous use and abuse in extreme weather and environments. The canvas designs of One Planet packs incorporate Waterloc fabric giving you a high water resistance and reliability on expeditions and challenging environments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to fit a hiking pack?

Fitting any hiking pack starts at securing the hip belts over the top crest of your hips, pull the shoulder straps firmly bringing the pack against your back and flush over your shoulders, adjust the shoulder load lifter straps to draw the weight onto your hips and then finally secure a light tension on your chest strap.

How to best pack my hiking and camping gear?

Getting the best comfort out of your pack start by loading lighter gear in the bottom of the pack, heavier items in the middle directly behind your back and at your centre of gravity, with medium weight gear spread-out throughout the rest of the pack.

Weather resistance and water proofing my hiking pack?

Multiple options exist to protect your hiking pack and trekking gear in the wildest of weathers and environments. Our range of pack liners, dry bags and pack covers provide the best water resistance to protect and keep your equipment dry during your adventures.