Y&Y Belay Glasses Plasfun

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High transparency prisms, stainless metal frame, silicon nose pads, flexible alloy bows. Y&Y belay glasses classic focus on every detail which may influence belaying experience, to provide maximum comfort to belayers

Plasfun = Plastic frames

Say NO to belayer's neck!

Y& Y Belay glasses are prism glasses which can reflect the vision vertical to the belayers. In traditional belaying, belayers need to raise their heads to watch their climbing partners. The neck discomfort can lead to a distraction which will put the climbers in possible danger. The chronic injury from belaying can result in a severe problem: belayer’s neck. The ingenious Y&Y belay glass can help to belay your climbing partner without straining their necks.

By avoiding raising the head for a long time and reducing pain in the neck or upper back, the belayers can prevent cervical pain related to contractures of joints and be more attentive during the belaying.


The design based on the eyeglasses frame provides double vision:

1. Vertical vision, on the proceeding of climbing

2. Peripheral vision, on the surroundings, in order to allow belayers to control the rope and belay device

With these climbing glasses, the climbers don't need to raise their heads, so that their neck pain will be reduced by Y&Y Belay Glasses


Y&Y have been devoted to quality fabrication, design, engineering of Y& Y belay glasses. After hundreds of real test on route and improvement, they have come up with the amazing Y&Y belay glasses. The optimal lightness of 36g and prism principle of belay glasses gave belayers maximum comfort. 

Characteristics: stainless steel, alloy glasses bows, high tranparent prisms, silicon nosepads. Y&Y consider almost all the factors which may influence belaying comfort. The 36g lightweight glasses bring you maximum comfort during belaying!

Y&Y use narrow glasses bows and simplify the frame so that your vision can be as wide as possible. Wider peripheral vision can provide a better, more responsive belay when  you are more attentive in belaying.

The compatibility with normal spectacles is determined by the design of the nose pads. Relatively tiny nose pads will allow belayers to put the eyeglasses on the belay glasses.

Climb cool! Belay Safe !



Enormous positive feedback on Y&Y glasses have been received from there clients in more than 10 countries for its outstanding quality and reasonable price. Innovative and passionate about there creations and values remain integral to the company culture. Y&Y do the best to provide our belay glasses customers with the best price and performance ratio.


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